Our Services

Wealth protection through insurance

Your ability to earn an income is likely your most valuable asset, yet it is an easy one to overlook in the midst of planning your finances. While we can’t predict what will happen in the future, we can protect loved ones and ourselves from financial hardship in the event of illness, disability or premature death. Get peace of mind through appropriate use of life insurance and living benefits such as disability, long-term care and critical illness insurance.

Wealth transfer through estate planning

You work hard and save diligently to prepare for retirement, and of course you want to pass along as much as possible. By implementing tax-efficient strategies, we can help you maximize your bequests to family and/or the beneficiaries of your choice. Whatever your age and whatever the size of your estate, a proper estate plan will ensure that your assets are transferred as you wish and with a minimum of taxes, complications and delays.

Business protection and employee benefits

Business owners have specific financial planning needs, including solutions that help attract and keep the best employees and ensure continuity if a key individual is incapacitated or dies. We develop robust strategies for businesses that include employee benefit plans, key person and buy-sell agreement insurance, and business succession planning.

Our trusted partners

We are proud to be contracted with every major insurer in Canada so we can recommend the very best products for your needs